ASEI is a systems engineering consulting company specializing in Guidance, Navigation, and Control of aircraft and munitions.

From initial concept definition, through system specification, including control system design, flight software generation, weapon integration and test, aircraft compatibility, and captive and free flight testing, ASEI provides the knowledge, experience, and personnel to make any weapon test program a success.


Applied Systems Engineering Inc. was started in 1993 by two of the core engineers that designed and

demonstrated the first GPS guided bomb (the JDAM Operational Concept Demonstration).  Since 1993, ASEI

has played a key role in integrating INS/GPS technology into munitions and has built a deep experience base in munition design and test.


Systems Engineering – The complexity of modern airborne systems and the interdependency between

subsystems requires an understanding of the relationships between each component.    The Systems

Engineering function manages these technical relationships and develops requirements which flow down to all

aspects of the program including the weapon design, aircraft interface, test, instrumentation and data analysis,

and production.


Munition Guidance & Control – Munition guidance and control directly impacts weapon accuracy.    In

addition, mission planning processes, weapon seeker and sensor capabilities, and navigation system

performance levy requirements upon the weapon trajectory.   Based upon a broad background in the design,

development, simulation, and flight test of air-to-air and air-to-ground systems, ASEI engineers have the

theoretical and practical experience to provide guidance and control systems which perform as required.


Inertial and GPS Navigation – ASEI has been involved extensively in the design and test of transfer of alignment, inertial navigation, and integrated INS/GPS navigation system hardware and software.   ASEI products include inertial and GPS based navigation units used in ships, manned and unmanned vehicles, and precision guided munitions .

ASEI Founders Tim Elbert and David Gaskill


Advanced Tactical Navigation System (ATACNAV) is an integrated INS/GPS navigation system used for  gun pointing and stabilization in ships and aircraft, as the basis for airborne guidance and control units, and as a high accuracy position reference. The ATACNAV is  in production for the US Navy and US Air Force, and has been environmentally qualified for use on aircraft and ships.

Tactical Grade ATACNAV Data Sheet

High Accuracy ATACNAV Data Sheet

RATS (Reconfigurable Avionics Test Set) is a multipurpose avionics test set with a software configurable electronics interface which provides the user the ability to test a variety of computer based munitions, launchers, and other avionics systems.

RATS Data Sheet

B-52 & Predator Store Interface Simulator.  ASEI has developed verified B-52 and Predator emulators which allow testing of a platform-store interface without requiring the actual platform.     Contact ASEI for more information.


GPS & Inertial Navigation

Extensive experience designing, integrating and testing GPS based navigation systems for use in precision guided munitions, manned and unmanned aircraft, ships, and ground vehicles.

Our product line of Advanced Tactical Navigation Systems is used by the USAF, US Navy, US Army, Raytheon, Northrop, General Dynamics, in aircraft, weapons, airborne & ground weapon launchers, ships, ACMI pods, and test equipment.

Operational Flight Software (OFS)

Designed, generated, tested and flown the OFS for weapon systems such as the Miniature Air Launched Decoy (MALD),  the Enhanced GBU-15, and the AGM-176 “Griffin”

Weapon Guidance and Flight Control

Designed and flown guidance and autopilots for multiple systems ranging from the 22,000 lb GBU-43 “Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB) to very small long time of flight systems, with guidance requirements ranging from “simply hit the target” to multiple weapons impacting at specific vertical and heading impact angles.

Universal Armament Interface (UAI) & Mil-Std-1553

Implemented 1553 based platform-store interfaces (including UAI) on numerous air vehicles.   An ASEI engineer is a recognized expert in this subject and serves as the UAI Industry Team UAI Platform-Store IPT, UAI Certification IPT, and is the Super JICWG Co-ordination Team Lead.   Implemented UAI in several stores.

Avionics & Test Equipment (Hardware)

Designed and produce a variety of electronics systems including flight control computers used in precision guided weapons, launcher systems, automated test equipment, and weapon trainers.



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