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Enhanced GBU-15 (EGBU-15/A)

In 1999, due to a critical war fighting need, the USAF sought a rapidly producible upgrade kit which would add a GPS capability to inventory GBU-15’s.    ASEI, partnering with the USAF Development Test Center (Eglin AFB), designed an avionics box which would fit inside the existing GBU-15 to provide a GPS bomb-on-coordinates capability, and autonomous seeker pointing and an enhanced weapon video to aid in target acquisition.


To reduce the cost of the enhancement kit, the standard INS/GPS approach to determining weapon attitude was not used.   ASEI developed weapon attitude estimation algorithms which used GPS data and the existing GBU-15 accelerometers and gyroscopes.   Attitude was estimated to well within 1 degree and successfully autonomously pointed the weapon seeker at the target.


50 EGBU-15/A’s were designed, tested, and delivered within 50 days of contract award.





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