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Advanced Tactical Navigation System (ATACNAV)

ASEI’s first contract (1993) was to provide the Autonomous

Position Estimation System (APES) for use in tracking and

flight control of military target drones.  APES was tested in

the QF-4. APES was then modified to serve as the INS/GPS

navigation system in the MQM-107E upgrade.


APES was enhanced over the years to meet growing requirements and become the Advanced Tactical Navigation System (ATACNAV), an integrated flight computer and navigation package suitable for use as a flight control computer in precision guided weapons, manned and unmanned aircraft, ground vehicles, and ships.


The ATACNAV is compatible with a variety of IMU’s and GPS receivers (including SAASM receivers) and can be tailored to customer needs.   Variants range from a high accuracy (navigation grade) system suitable for long duration inertial navigation flight in GPS-denied environments, to small tactical grade INS/GPS systems, and a small-sized low-cost system using COTS components.


The ATACNAV has undergone environmental qualification by the US Navy

and US Air Force, and has undergone formal performance testing by

the US Air Force.


ATACNAV used in the Joint Range Instrumentation Pod (JRIP).   JRIP provides “tetherless” real-time TSPI & tracking of aircraft using non-intrusive instrumentation.

Tactical ATACNAV Position Error during dynamic flight testing, 65 sec loss of GPS due to aircraft maneuvering at 66945 sec.





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